If You Want Light Go Stare At The Sun.


yani (19) · nsfw
instagram: @mechabianca

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I’m audio two basic combust with strange lust
With modus operandum and balk the funcrush
You box with soft touch, touched with soft tentacle
Tickle me sickly, sedate my brain quickly
So much slower the whole scenery seems
Moving through plasticine brackets backwards
After-burn full thrust monks react trackless
Come to confront funk slugs with salt tactics
Turn the Farrah Fawcett on and burn ‘em in they mattress
Then ashes float to heaven quicker than souls of children
Murdered by a strange man in the basement of their building
Time to build time to be brazen with cane raisin’
The same faded disdain with a grain of insane patience
Patent that, fire in the sky, cataract eyes
This is nervous unnerving word-ship
Reported fortnights of journey through warning you
Secret pathfinder that cast of bad sitcom
The laugh track added to the last cat shit on





is she using a vhs to try to clean that up

I’m almost 100% sure that’s the box for Sonic 2 

This is from the greatest game ad of all time

TVアニメ「ジョジョの奇妙な冒険-スターダストクルセイダース」 オープニングアニメーションを神風動画で制作させていただきました。4/11放送の第二話よりOP流れます。宜しくお願いいたします。